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Open Source Music Gnome Project




  • The Open Source Music Genome Project is an effort to create a fully fleshed out music categorization system.





Current Genome




punk roots

hard boop roots

house roots



electronica influences

country influences

blues influences

disco influences

west coast rap influences

prevalent use of groove




slide-pedal steal guitars

acoustic rhythm guitars

repetitive melodic phrasing

extensive vamping

electric guitar solo

brass instrument solos

soprano sax solo

light drumming

danceable beats

acoustic drum samples

simple high hat part

electric rhythm guitars

prominent percussion

electric guitar riffs

prominent use of synth

electric rock instrumentation

mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation



major key tonality

mixed major and minor key tonality

tonal harmonies



vocal harmonies

subtle use of vocal harmony

call and answer vocal harmony (antiphony)

vocal-centric aesthetic

dynamic female vocal

emotional female lead vocal performance



radio friendly stylings

modern r&b styling



highly synthetic sonority

mild rhythmic syncopation

clear focus on record studio production

explicit lyrics

tight kick sound

dry recording sound

Basic rock song structure

synth rock arranging

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